Get Help Finding and Paying for Child Care  

Thank you for your interest in our Navy fee assistance programs. If you do not have access to an on-base child care provider, you may be eligible to participate in the program. These Navy pages contain detailed information about which programs are available and how to apply for fee assistance.  

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Additional Eligibility Requirements

For general program eligibility, please view our program description page. Additional eligibility requirements may vary by program. Below is a list of common eligibility requirements for Navy Families:

  • Fee assistance programs are provided for children ages birth through 12 years.
  • The Service Member’s spouse must be working or enrolled in school for the OMCC or MCCYN  programs (also applies to unmarried parents living in the same household). Temporary assistance is available for spouses who are seeking employment.
  • All programs require families to use a provider with a state child care license who has been inspected within the last 12 months. For the MCCYN program, providers must meet additional high quality standards
  • For the MCCYN program, families living near an installation must be on the  waiting list for on-installation child care before they can receive fee assistance.