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NACCRRA and American Business Collaborative Partner to Promote Quality Child Care

July 23, 2002

WASHINGTON, DC - NACCRRA, the nation's network of child care resource and referral (, and the American Business Collaboration for Quality Dependent Care (ABC) have partnered to improve the quality of child care. NACCRRA is the nation's network of nearly 700 community-based child care resource and referral (R&R) programs throughout the United States. ABC is a groundbreaking collaboration of leading U.S. companies (champions) partnering to ensure that their employees have access to quality dependent care programs and services. Since 1992, ABC has invested over $125 million in quality dependent care programs, making ABC the largest private sector investment of its kind to support employees' ability to manage work and personal responsibilities.

Training for Quality: The R&R Model Project will disseminate high quality trainings through the R&R system, the single largest system in the country for training individuals in the care and education field. In the past year, R&R programs across the country provided 1,200,000 trainings for child care providers. Recent research indicates that quality child care experiences result in greater school readiness, positive child development, and employment stability for working families. Child care provider access to and participation in quality training is an essential factor in enhancing the quality of child care in the nation.

Through the local delivery of training products developed with ABC funding, and by promoting the sustainability of ABC products through new community-based approaches, the Project will have far-reaching benefits for children, families, providers, and communities. Training for Quality: The CCR&R Model will enhance child care providers' essential skills and knowledge, promote retention of child care providers, and will promote practices which support families. Training will be available to all those who care for children - including friends, relatives, and neighbors, licensed caregivers, caregivers in faith-based programs, and school-age programs.

The project will positively impact the quality of child care children receive. Most importantly, it is a project which will bring quality training products to rural, urban, and suburban communities throughout the United States and benefit all providers of child care, positively impact communities and support working families.

About NACCRRA NACCRRA ( is a national network of almost 700 community-based child care resource and referral (CCR&R) programs from every state in the United States, some provinces in Canada, and in Great Britain. NACCRRA's mission is to provide vision, leadership, and support to community child care resource and referral and to promote national policies and partnerships committed to the development and learning of all children.

About Child Care Resource & Referral Child Care Resource and Referral (CCR&R) programs operate in most urban and rural communities. The work of CCR&Rs centers on information through child care referrals, consumer education, provider training, technical assistance, advocacy, work with employers and efforts to build the supply of care. CCR&Rs have daily contacts with families and child care programs and providers. Thus, NACCRRA and its member organizations constitute an information network with unique and unprecedented reach in compiling and transferring information. The network is uniquely positioned for the collection, exchange, mediation, analysis and dissemination of information and knowledge at local, state and national levels. Community-based CCR&R programs, providing objective, accurate and up-to-date information and expert consultation, are a trusted resource for families, providers and communities.