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Creating a Strong Start for Children: Child Care Aware® of America Urges Support for National Early Learning Campaign

June 2, 2013

Child Care Aware® of America is calling on parents, providers and other concerned citizens to join the Strong Start for Children campaign, a united effort of national, state and local organizations pursuing quality early learning settings for all children.

“Congress has many issues to address on the national agenda. We need to keep early learning visible so that among competing issues, there is a continuing voice to invest in the safety and healthy development of young children,” said Lynette M. Fraga, Executive Director of Child Care Aware® of America. “We’re calling on individuals who care about building America’s future to join the campaign from now until Father’s Day.”

On June 5, early learning advocates around the country will join together on a day of action in support of President Obama's proposed early learning initiative, which connects early learning to the long-term strength of the national economy. The goal of the day of action is to raise awareness about the importance of strengthening child care and early learning.

“Child Care Aware® of America believes it is time for a national conversation about a comprehensive, birth-to-five approach to ensure that all children enter kindergarten healthy and ready to learn,” said Fraga. “There's an undeniable connection between school readiness, school success, and the long-term strength of our economy. The President’s proposals support parents and other caregivers in fostering the early development of young children.”

Visit the Strong Start for Children page to find out how you can increase visibility around the need to make early learning part of a national discussion, as well as ways to participate on June 5.