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White House Announces Summit on Working Families

May 14, 2014

On June 23, 2014, The White House, the U.S. Department of Labor, and the Center for American Progress will host a Summit on Working Families with a special focus on women and their families. The purpose of the Summit will be to explore ways that businesses can adapt to support working families and identify working family-friendly initiatives that also benefit businesses and the American economy.

From the White House Summit on Working Families one-pager:

"This Summit will explore how, as the demographics of our workforce change, our workplaces can change with them to support working families, boost businesses’ bottom lines, and ensure America’s global economic competitiveness in the coming decades. The Summit will convene businesses, economists, labor leaders, legislators, advocates and the media for a discussion on issues facing the entire spectrum of working families – from low-wage workers to corporate executives; from young parents to baby boomers caring for their own aging parents.

Through keynote speeches, panel discussions, research presentations and hands-on workshops, we will explore the challenges facing working families; make the business and economic case for policies that support working families; showcase companies doing exemplary work in this space; and highlight model laws and policies from cities and states across the country. The Summit will focus on key issues such as workplace flexibility, equal pay, workplace discrimination, worker retention and promotion, and childcare/early childhood education.”

Child Care Aware® of America is determined to keep child care and early learning at the forefront of conversations taking place before, during, and after the Summit, but we need your help. Is there a business in your community that understands the importance of quality child care to working parents? We want to hear about it.

Tell us what businesses in your area are doing to support working families and you could be featured in an upcoming post on the Early Directions blog. Please send submissions of 500 words or less to no later than May 23.

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