The Child Care and Development Block Grant Act of 2014: Moving Forward

The reauthorization of the Child Care and Development Block Grant Act of 2014 (CCCDBG) has been Child Care Aware of America's top legislative priority for nearly two decades. The bill would provide basic health and safety protections for children in child care and improve the quality of care for all families for the first time since 1996. In March, we celebrated as it CCDBG passed the U.S. Senate by an overwhelming majority. In September, it passed through the House. Now is the time to take action and prepare for its reauthorization as Congress returns from recess in November. This informational webinar series will aim to answer questions from state agencies, family advocates, child care providers and others leading up to the November 13, 2014 cloture vote on CCDBG Reauthorization. This four-part series will serve as a forum for membership discussion around next steps and best practices moving forward. Click the titles below to register.

Please visit our YouTube channel to view archived webinars, including the following previous webinars in our CCDBG: Moving Foward series:

Aired October 28: CCDBG Moving Forward: The history and current status of S.1086

This first webinar will give you a synopsis of CCDBG’s history and current status. The conversation will be led by Child Care Aware® of America staff Michelle McCready, Director of Public Policy, and Nick Vucic, Senior Government Affairs Associate. Topics covered will include: status, summary, and history of CCDBG, CCDBG’s required health and safety measures, quality set-aside, quality improvement activities, and child care provider training. There will be time for questions and discussion at the end. Download the PowerPoint slides for this presentation here.

Aired October 30: CCDBG Moving Forward: What S.1086 means for families & child care providers

Our second webinar will dive into concerns regarding the implementation of the anticipated federal child care standards. These changes will require significant effort in the states to raise policies and practices to ensure compliance.  Conversation will cover improvements for families (health and safety regulations, new rules for continuity of care, new rate surveys, low-income family priority, toll-free hotline) and what child care providers will need to know regarding new health and safety rules, attendance, rate setting, reimbursement, expulsion, and continuity of care. Download the PowerPoint slides for this presentation here.

Aired November 4CCDBG Moving Forward: What S.1086 means for quality set aside and QRIS

This webinar will cover the increase in funds for quality set aside and child care quality rating and improvement systems. Speakers will cover quality indicators and any new measures set forth by CCDBG reauthorization. Questions and discussion will take place at the end of the webinar.  Download the PowerPoint slides for this presentation here.

Aired November 6: CCDBG Moving Forward: Funding, appropriations, & timelines for implementation

This webinar will answer any questions states or agencies may have regarding funding, authorized appropriations, potential proposals (FY2015 and beyond) and will address your concerns around the implementation timeline.  Download the PowerPoint slides for this presentation here.